Free Termux API Commands 2022?

By | February 19, 2022

In this article, we are telling you about the Termux API Commands in detail, as well as you are also being told about the Termux API here, whatever you can do using the Termux API, and why we use that.

Termux API Commands are not used to perform any kind of hacking but still, you should know how to use Termux API Commands because all this should also be known to termux users.

Termux API is not shown to you like any kind of application, if you want, you can install it through termux as well if you want, you can also download it from the play store.


This article is only for Educational Purpose. Don’t miss use your Knowledge and Skills.

What is Termux API ?

Termux API is a companion app to Termux, it creates an interface from Termux to your device features, with Termux API you can take photos from your phone camera, get location from GPS, read or send SMS, and a lot of other features. Everything directly from the emulated Linux terminal.

To install Termux API you have to run the pkg install termux-api command in the termux app. As soon as you run this command, the termux API will be installed in your device, after that you can run all the termux API commands.

After doing all this, you can see by running the termux-battery-status command in the termux app, if you show the status of the battery in such a way that you can understand that now you can use Termux API Commands.

But if you do not show anything after giving Termux API Commands, then you can install Termux API from the play store after that you will be able to use Termux API Commands if you are unable to locate here or 520 bad gateway errors Then you can read our article on How to use Termux as a Beginner.

Download from play store

Termux-API from Google Play

Termux API Commands ?

So far you have learned about your Termux API, let us now know about Termux API Commands, you can use many types of commands here, here we have been told you use all the commands as well as it has also been told Which commands are used and why.

  • termux-battery-status
  • termux-brightness
  • termux-camera-info
  • termux-dialog
  • termux-camera-photo
  • termux-clipboard-get/set
  • termux-download
  • termux-media-player
  • termux-fingerprint
  • termux-location
  • termux-sensor
  • termux-media-scan
  • termux-share
  • termux-telephony-deviceinfo
  • termux-telephony-call
  • termux-telephone-cellinfo
  • termux-torch on/off
  • termux-tts-speak
  • termux-tts-engines
  • termux-wifi-enable true/false
  • termux-vibrate
  • termux-volume
  • termux-wallpaper

Termux battery status

Our first command in the list of Termux API Commands is the Termux battery status command, this command is used to check the battery health of your mobile phone as you can see in the image.

Termux brightness

By using the termux brightness command, you can control the brightness of your phone like we normally control the brightness in any mobile phone, similarly, you can do it by using the termux API commands, here you have to give a parameter which is 0 – 255 here if you get the error of grant permission then you go to setting and allow permissions

Termux camera info

You can use the Termux camera info command to get the details of your mobile camera like how many images can be captured from your phone as well as what is the id of the front camera and back camera.

Termux Dialog

We use the Termux dialog command to generate the dialog box, here you can also generate the dialog box by giving specific text according to you as you can see in the image.

Termux Camera Photo

You can use the Termux Camera Photo command to click pictures from your phone’s camera like we normally click pictures from our phone similarly, we can also do it by using Termux API Commands, here parameter is camera id which gives you Shows on checking camera info

Termux clipboard get and set

Using Termux clipboard get and set command, you can see the copied text on your clipboard like if you give get command, in this way you will show the copied text on your clipboard similarly if you give set command then you have to decide what text you set on the clipboard.

Termux Media Player

Using the Termux Media Player command, you can play and stop the songs and videos kept in your phone from termux itself like we normally play videos and songs on our phone similarly, this works by using Termux API Commands if you can stop the media player then use this command termux-media-player stop.

Termux Fingerprint

Using the Termux Fingerprint command, you can check the fingerprint of your phone like you get some attempts in your phone, similarly here you also get attempts as you can see in the image.

Termux location

You can check your location using the Termux location command, here you show your location with longitude and latitude. To check location, GPS should be enabled on your phone.

Termux Sensor

By using the Termux Sensor command you can know about all the sensors of your phone we normally cannot see some information from our phone but by using Termux API Commands we can see many types of information.

Termux Telephony Deviceinfo

Using the Termux Telephony Deviceinfo command, you can grab many types of information like whether the data of the device is enabled or not, you can also use this command to get the serial number of your sim card as you can see in the image.

Termux Telephony Call

By using the Termux Telephony call command, you can call any number from Termux itself like we normally call someone from our mobile, you can also do the same thing by using the Termux Telephony call command.

Termux torch on and off

By using the Termux torch on and off command you can turn your mobile phone torch on and off so far we have told you many Termux API commands we hope you like.

Termux tts speak

If you want to hear what you type on your mobile, then you can use the Termux tts speak command as you can see in the image.

Termux wifi enable true and false

You can enable and disable wifi in your mobile using termux wifi enable true and false command, here you have to use true and false parameters.

Termux Vibrate

Using the Termux vibrate command, you can get your phone to vibrate from Termux itself, this command is something like this when you run it, only then you can understand it, you must use all the Termux API commands mentioned here once.

Termux Volume

Using the Termux volume command, you can find out how much your mobile volume is set, here you show all types of volume settings of mobile as you can see in the image. If you increase and decrease the volume here. Then you will be able to see that the value will change in Termux.

Final Words

We have hoped that you must have come to know about Termux API Commands, here we have told you about almost all the Termux API Commands, we have shown you using all of them, as well as it has also been told to you which command is it used and why.

We hope that you will like this article, we have also given you here the guidance of Termux beginners, if you have not read our previous article, then you can also read that if you like our articles then you can share them.

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